Photos: Victor Castillo at Iguapap

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007
Young Chilean artist Victor Castillo is now showing at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona, Spain in a solo show titled [EXPLICIT LYRICS]. The show opened on October 31st and runs through November 24th. The gallery sent us some pics and a fun Spanish-to-English interpretation of the work in the show.

Photos courtesy of the gallery

From the gallery, "In Victor Castillo's long-awaited show [EXPLICIT LYRICS], the young Chilean artist's second major gallery exhibition depicts a critical portrait of the upcoming generations. Castillo has been strongly impressed by the destructive games of extreme violence [that] children play, from computer games to real-life scenes such as teenagers beating schoolmates, recording the action and uploading the videos to YouTube. Religion and politics are also present in the paintings, to portray characters who, despite looking nice, have lost the ability to be impressed and are hyper-stimulated and accustomed to video-based violence, weapons and war.

"The exhibition reaches its peak in an installation that combines painting, wall-painting, sculpture, and video, where two kids seem to be having fun while destroying Western civilization, accompanied by war and fire images, Disney World and Godzilla scenes and a hyper-excited preacher's speech."

[EXPLICIT LYRICS] installation view, mixing painting, wall-painting, sculture and video. Two kids demolishing Western civilization.

Installation detail

"I put a spell on you"

"Supplica a mia madre"

"Supplica a mia madre I"

"Son of Sam", acrylic on canvas

"Hallucination generation"

"Not Boweevil"

"Are you still dying, darling?"

Untitled (gargoyle)




"Game Over"


Installation view

Victor Castillo finishing the wall-painting

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