Photos: Van Arno & Inky Dreadfuls

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007
Photos from Sweet Home Valhalla and Little Unfortunates, dual solo shows by Van Arno and Inky Dreadfuls, respectively, that opened on June 30th at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California. Both shows will be on view through July 28th.

Van Arno, Paul J. Karlstrom and Robert Williams

Jan Corey Helford and Kevin Llewellyn

Jason Maloney and friend

Andy Dick

The Pizz and Van Arno

Michael Mararian (Inky Dreadfuls) and Elizabeth Lambert Mararian

Jason Shawn Alexander and Sarah Folkman

Carrie and James Naccarato with Anthony Ausgang

Panni Malek and friend

Van Arno "Diana Remains Unimpressed With The Trinity"

Van Arno "Medusa Infested"

Van Arno "The Caress of Chlorine"

Van Arno "Big Bertha, Sculptress of Earthworks"

Van Arno "Cruel Britannia"

Van Arno "Jehova"

Van Arno "Mata Hari Tank Buster!"

Van Arno "Isis"

Inky Dreadfuls "Experiments in Gravity"

Inky Dreadfuls "Daddy Being Funny"

Inky Dreadfuls "Bringing Grandpa's Night Cap"

Inky Dreadfuls "The Vengeful Ward"

Inky Dreadfuls "Wasps"

Inky Dreadfuls "Precious Offerings"

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