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Photos: Usugrow's Shinganist

Juxtapoz // Friday, 24 Jul 2009



Together, these five Japanese artists took over the walls of the gallery with stunning new works on canvas, paper, wood and felt. Straddling the fine line of street art, skate and tattoo culture, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from centuries of traditional Japanese imagery, True to the meaning behind “Shingan” - those who create based on visions spurred by the mind’s eye and those who are not affected by the opinions and expectations placed on them by the outside world - USUGROW, MOZYSKEY, TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA, BENE and JUN KANEKO are driven by the pure passion to create.


Bird by Jun Kaneko


Angel Ink by Usugrow


Winged TWGY by Usugrow


A.W. Mandala by Toshikazu Nozaka


Kubi by Bene


Mingling at the Shinganist opening


Toshikazu Nozaka poses with some fans


At the opening


Usugrow with fans


Another killer show at Stolenspace spilling onto the streets


Photos by Chris Osburn.

Curated By Usugrow
July 23rd  –  August 9th, 2009







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