Photos: Sweet Toof & Cyclops on Sclater Street

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 25 Oct 2007
Photos taken during the recent painting of "Lenny the Highroller" by Sweet Toof and Cyclops, two thirds of the Burning Candy crew. The three story painting may be viewed on London's graffiti rich Sclater Street just off Brick Lane.

Photos by Chris Osburn

Cyclops and Sweet Toof scope the scene.

Off to a good start

Broken Window Theory?

London graf artist Mighty Monkey joined in on the fun.

Getting there

Toof Brush


8 or 9 hours into the work

Some last minute broken shackles were added.

The piece got more Halloweeny as the artists progressed

Meet Lenny the Highroller!

Some time the next day, some of Lenny's friends dropped by to hang out.

Lenny presides over the Brick Lane Sunday Market.

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