Photos: Shepard Fairey + Souther Salazar

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 23 Jun 2007
Tonight, June 23rd, is the opening of the Shepard Fairey and Souther Salazar's joint exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, but Juxtapoz was there a day early to bring you a sneak peek at all the new works on display. While not as chaotic as Fairey's DUMBO opening the previous evening, LeVine's press preview was just as packed, with tons of art fans cramming into the overheated gallery to check out some fantastic work.

Fairey spent most of the evening trailed by a camera crew as admires and autograph seekers gawked on. The exhibit featured hand painted versions of his recent screen prints. Most of the paintings touched on themes of war and potential destruction, each pulsating with scarlet paint. For art fans overwhelmed by the gloom and doom, Souther Salazar welcomed them to his side of the gallery, which was remarkably different in style from Fairey's "E Pluribus Venom" exhibit. Salazar's "Space Cadets" features an ethereal world of cuddly creatures and dreamy landscapes, all detailed in muted hues of beige, blue, and yellow. His paintings are complimented by a series of sculptures that bring to life the residents of his imaginary world. Both shows will be on display from June 23 through July 21 at 529 West 20th Street, 9E New York. An opening party for the Chelsea exhibit will be held Saturday, June 23, from 5pm-9pm.

Photos and captions by George Koroneos

Walkin' on down the road

From left, Shooting Gallery owner Justin Giarla and one of Fairey's crew

"The Day We Escaped" by Souther Salazar

"Proud Parents" by Shepard Fairey

"Roaring Engines" by Souther Salazar

Souther Salazar

"It Was the Greatest Story Ever Told" by Souther Salazar

Salazar sketches for a fan

Scott Eder and Jonathan LeVine

A couple in front of "These Sunsets are to Die For" by Shepard Fairey

Fairey's Rubylith series

A wall of smaller Fairey works

"She Speaks to Horses" by Souther Salazar

The party rages on

Close look at "Peace Mujer" by Shepard Fairey

Close look at "Mujer Fatal" by Shepard Fairey

A guest views "War by Numbers" by Shepard Fairey

Saelee Oh, Dalek, and friend
"The Boatman is in Love" by Souther Salazar

It's never too early to start loving art

Nina from Aidan Savoy chat with fellow Salazar fans

"Two Sides of Capitalism: Good Installation" by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey in front of "This Machine Kills Fascists"

Fairey signing posters for fans

Close look at "Toxic Dept" by Shepard Fairey

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