Photos: Scab on My Brain

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

Photos by J. E. Manso

Philadelphia gallery Space 1026's current show, Scab on My Brain, features artists Louie Cordero, Jordin Isip, James Kirkpatrick, Carl Dunn, Nate Williams, Aya Kakeda, Gregory Benton, Jordan Awan, Mariano Ching, Evah Fan, Liz Lee and Kiersten Essenpreis. The show which consisted of painting, drawing, silkscreen and sculpture, was curated by New York-based artist Jordin Isip. Jordin describes the show as "figurative narratives that are both allegorical and psychological".

Jordan Awan's work is a compelling series in which naked hippies circa 1970 frolic in landscapes of purple mountains and lush trees. He describes his work as an effort to create "a new living mythology unique to this country". The simplicity of the landscapes and the composition of the figures brings to mind a cross between the book of Genesis and prehistoric cave paintings. In contrast to Awan's hippie Eden, Louie Cordero seems to be describing the same time period from a different perspective rather than elevating the denizens of that era to the status of myth, he describes the decadence and decline of hippie culture, using pop symbolism (skulls, guitars, the Woodstock logo, etc.) surrounded by human-like forms congealed in masses of fleshy coils and rotting vegetables. Carl Dunn's painting collages placed on opposing walls take on a contemporary reinterpretation of David and Goliath. They depict a girl in a thong battling and defeating an octopus with a skull for a head . Dunn's sculpture, the sole sculpture in the show, stands between the paintings, a red beast on all fours with black wings and brandishing a set of real human teeth in it's mouth. The way in which the girl and the red beast have periodically resurfaced in his work suggests they may be part of a perverse personal mythology.

The varying use of dream scape, myth, and symbolism is the common thread that distinguishes this from other recent figurative painting shows. The opening was on July 6th and it runs for a month.

Gallery Space 1026 on Arch St. in Philadelpia. Show "Scab on My Brain", curated by Jordin Isip. Opening June 6th through August 6th.

Carl Dunn's "Beast". Materials include paper, glue, acrylic and human teeth.

Artists in show from left; Gregory Benton, Carl Dunn, Jordan Awan, Jordin Isip and Liz Lee

A guest admiring Carl Dunn's "Vanquished" and to the left a smaller collage piece "2 (skull)"

Carl Dunn's "Confrontation"

Gallery-goers in front of the work of (from left), Aya Kakeda, James Kirkpatrick, Gregory Benton and Carl Dunn.

Work by James Kirkpatrick

Work by Jordan Awan (left) and Liz Lee

Work by Kiersten Essenpries

Work by Louie Cordero

Liz Lee posing in front of her work.

Work by Gregory Benton

Eric White and Matt Leines made it to Philly to see "Scab on My Brain". They chat it up on the couch and trade sketches with each other.

Carl Dunn's "Beast" looks on while people view works by Louie Cordero.

Carl Dunn poses for a picture with one of three of his paintings in the show and the sole sculpture in the show, "Beast".

From left, Gregory Benton, Carl Dunn, curator and participating artist Jordin Isip, and Liz Lee pose for a picture.

The work of Aya Kekeda

Space 1026 during the daytime. A cheerful 2nd floor gallery located on Arch St. in downtown Philly.

This last image was taken from the gallery's site. See their page for this show for more images from the show:



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