Photos: Ron English at Opera Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 04 Dec 2007
Last Thursday's bitter cold didn't stop the masses from attending Ron English's latest solo show, Big Picture Pop, at the Opera Gallery in New York City on November 29th. Fans and collectors mingled and marveled at the new works, which were nothing short of stunning. The show's centerpiece was the incredible "Grade School Guernica," which measured an impressive 27 x 11 feet (a foot taller and wider than Picasso's original "Guernica"). For those who missed the opening night, you can visit the gallery before the show closes on Decemeber 29th or the paintings can be viewed at Ron's website,

Photos by Dylan Evans

Lauren and Cara Christopher

"Grade School Guernica"

Mark, Tatyana, and pup, Mishka

"Alien Sea Monkeys"

Ron with Opera Gallery's Eric and Kim Allouche

Wall of "Elvis Elvis"

"Zembo Boy Sad"

Studying "Zembo Boy Sad"

Ron English in front of his massive artwork

Popaganda documentary director Pedro Carvajal strikes a pose

Matt and Lori with "Cowgirl Milkshake"

Kristen with "Chicken Road"

Genevive Zacconi with "Coca Cola Comic"

Steve Lew with "Captain Comic"

Danny and Lynz

Folks check out Mc Milkshake

Carlo McCormick gives direction

Ron's son pilots his way through Cloud Nine

Mars, English and a friend lay low to avoid the paparazzi

Big Eye Marilyn with Mickeys"

Culture Shock PR's Debra Anderson with Lori Earley

"Rabbbit and Bunny"


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