Photos: "Found" at Leonard Street Gallery

Juxtapoz // Monday, 23 Jul 2007
Photos from the July 19th opening of Found, a group exhibition of original art made on found objects, discovered materials and other rarities. The show, at London's Leonard Street Gallery until an undisclosed date, features work by Matt Small, Nick Walker, Beejoir, AMP, Arofish, Mantis, Asbestos, Luc Price, Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Chris Stain, Skewville, Judith Supine, Elbow-toe and Rene Gagnon.

Photos by Chris Osburn

"One Million Years Before Chrome" by Sweet Toof

"Uplift" by Rene Gagnon

"Shovel" by Lucas Price

"LV Child" by Beejoir

"Evolution" by Mantis

"Moonalisa" by Nick Walker

(Left to Right) "Paper Collage on Found Breadbox" by Elbow-toe, "Shelmet" by Beejoir, "Untitled" by Judith Supine

"Untitled" by Judith Supine

"Poverty Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth" by K-Guy

"Cyclops #2" by Cyclops

"Love Handles" by Nick Walker

Works by Elbow-toe

"Hype" by Skewville

"When Dogs Fly: Landmark Tour" by Skewville

Shots from the opening of Found at Leonard Street Gallery

Outside the gallery on Leonard Street

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