Photos: "Burning Candy" & "Remember My Name" in London

Juxtapoz // Friday, 17 Oct 2008

Burning Candy has taken over the lower ground floor of Sartorial’s new exhibition space at King’s Cross in London with three of the UK's most notorious graffiti vandals: Cyclops, Sweet Toof, and Tek33.
Al three artists created exclusive new works for this show with their raw, messy trademark punk style that has brought them cult status over the last few years. Coincinding with the exhibit is a Burning Candy book with text by Olly Beck.

Simultaneously, Remember My Name occupies the ground floor, featuring a collection of portrait works, giving immortality to already immortal people like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse. Participating artists include: Julie Bennett, Sarah Doyle, Mikey Georgeson, Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, Mat Humphrey, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Annie Kevans, Cathy Lomax, Martin McGinn, Gavin Nolan, Harry Pye, Chris Tosic (work above) and Gavin Toye.

Both exhibitions run until November 11th, 2008.


Big Fat Clooney and Angelina Jolie by Jasper Joffe

It Buzz Me (Kate) by Cathy Lomax

I'm Sticking with You by Harry Pye

Amy Winehouse by Mikey Georgeson

Silent Stars by Sarah Doyle

Somebody in his Room Said by Mikey Georgeson

Cobain's Gun (part of the three piece series Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll) by Matt Humphrey

Untitled work by Martin Sexton

Craft Spasms by Sweet Toof, Cyclops and Tek33

Detail of Craft Spasms by Sweet Toof, Cyclops and Tek33

Detail of Craft Spasms by Sweet Toof, Cyclops and Tek33

Vagina Denta by Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof by Sweet Toof and Cyclops

Installation by Cyclops

Samo by James Jessop

Gremliny by James Jessop

Collaborative works by Sweet Toof and Cyclops

Works by Sweet Toof

Blood & Guts by Sweet Toof


Photos by Chris Osburn.


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