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Juxtapoz // Friday, 13 Jul 2007
Christopher Hiltz sent us a photo blog of the progress at Multi Polar Headquarters in preparation for their show that opens tonight, July 13th, at All Rise Gallery in Chicago.

Basically it has seemed to be a massive undertaking of 3 specialized projects created under the guise of 3 separate pseudonyms, all initiating from one person. You never know who you'll meet when you stop by his studio, but I assure you, each personality is as hospitable as the next.

By way of friends and foes, H Mathis collected dirt from each and every state in the U.S. for an elaborate installation.

Oh, and there's some good gossip on why Hawaii may or may not be included...

Every step of the way has to be aesthetic for this crew. I asked why not use a darker clay, so that the white doesn't show through when covered with dark dirt. The answer? Because the white clay on the orange pedestal looked so nice. Interesting.

Here are the fabricated wooden boxes that'll house motors that will slowly spin the individual piles of dirt, err States I mean, to dizzying effects.

The end result is rather mystifying.

Sighn, though battling ornery scroll saws and copious amounts of broken blades really cranked out a extraordinary amount of intricately cut phrases.

Sighn's massive wall of text went under way, as the installation team managed to knock it out quite comfortably.

A job well done.

Ervin has been busy as well, creating tiny renderings of artists near and far, famous and infamous, big and tall, and on and on...

He had a substantial group done by the first time I visited him.

A week later, at the time of the install, he had done double the original amount.

Everything has to be just right.

The esteemed Alaska Noyes hailing from Kansas, did a write up of the show.

The show opens Friday the 13th at AllRise Gallery in Chicago.

You can see more process shots, mildly entertaining babble, and even a few bickerings between pseudonames on his blog: For even more photos feel free to nose around here:



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