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Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 22 Aug 2007
Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California proudly presents Literartistry, a group show featuring works of art inspired by the written word. As Michelangelo was inspired by Dante's The Divine Comedy and John Everett Millais by Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet, each artist in Literartistry has based their piece on a book that has inspired or affected them in a meaningful way. Upstairs, the Gallery's loft space has been transformed into a classic library stocked with the titles featured in the show. Guests will have the opportunity to peruse the artists' favorite books just as they would at a traditional library. The opening reception for Literartistry took place on Saturday, August 11th and the exhibition will remain on view until September 1, 2007. Here are photos of some of the people at the opening, and several of the included works..

Photos by Angelique Groh

Gin Stevens, Paul Chatem, Jeff McMillan and Sergio Rebia

The crowd

Mercedes Helnwein (right) and friend

Long Gone John and Natalia Fabia

Josh Petker and Korin Faught

Jason Shawn Alexander, Andrew Foster, Cassandra Szekely, Kevin Llewellyn, Sarah Folkman, Sage Vaughn, and Lisa Moneypenny

Lauren Bergman, Jan Corey Helford, The Pizz, James Naccarato, and Bruce Helford

Kat Von D

Heidi Taillefer

Anthony Ausgang, Maura McCoy, and Lauren Gardiner

Jason Shawn Alexander "And Then..." Book: Invisible Monsters

Erik Alos "One Fish, Two Fish" Book: One Fish, Two Fish

Anthony Ausgang "Gravity's Rainbow" Book: Gravity's Rainbow

Lauren Bergman "It had to be some good if anything made sense. And it was too and it was too and it was too and it was too. It was some good. All right! O.K.! Some good." Book: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Andrew Brandou "Diary of a Drug Fiend" Book: Diary of a Drug Fiend

Greg Clarke "Conflagration on the Yorkshire Moors" Book: Wuthering Heights

Jason Dugan "Where Evil Stems" Book: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Andrew Foster "Sissy and Jellybean Sitting in a Tree" Book: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Michael Hussar "Apple of My Eye" Book: The Holy Bible

Joshua Petker "Juliet" Book: Romeo & Juliet

Kukula "Margaret and Mafisto" Book: Faust

Joe Ledbetter "Some Are More Equal Than Others" Book: Animal Farm

Tiffany Lui "The Hybrid Flower Family Tree" Book: Geek Love

Kevin Llewellyn "The Virgin Mary" Book: The Bible


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