Photos: Last Rites Inaugural Opening

Juxtapoz // Monday, 14 Apr 2008

On the evenings of April 4th and 5th, the Hudson river flowed red with the blood of a thousand virgin sacrifices. Black clouds swallowed the sky, setting an ominous tone for those that dared to walk the city streets. The howling of tormented souls could be heard in the distance, their painful cries only being muffled by the barks of wild rabid scavengers in the night. A vortex of powerful evil had descended upon Manhattan's west side. No, the Republican Convention was not in town. Rather, the inaugural preview and opening of Paul Booth's Last Rites gallery, featuring a group exhibition of works from artists that lean towards the dark side.
Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 West 33rd Street in Manhattan. The Transgression show runs through April 28th. Have no fear. The artists are all actually sweeter than honey on ice cream. But don't tell them I told you. If you can't see the work in person, make sure to visit the gallery website:

Words and photos by Dylan Evans.


Gallery Director Genevive Zacconi pulls it all together without losing face.

Genevive, Les Barany, and Jonathan Levine

Gallery Space

Glutton for Punishment by Matthew Bone

Works by HR Giger

Zodiac by HR Giger

Vincent Castiglia bleeds for his art. Literally.

Rachel Bess with The Pigment Harvester

Charles Bronson back tattoo. Sweet.

Last Rites by Brian Viveros

Mother of Exiles by Dan Quintana

Paul Booth

Cristopher Conte with his creations

Beautifully crafted by Christopher Conte

Molly Crabapple with Lux Alptraum

Detail of La Huesera by Laurie Lipton

Seraphim by Daniel Martin Diaz

Tripping Skull Bird by Naoto Hattori

Travis Louis with The Lonesome Stranger

Michael Hussar prefers to stay in the dark.

Shawn Barber with Illuminated Transgression

David Stoupakis, Aprella, and Curse Mackey

One King's Downfall by David Stoupakis

Gallery goers

Gallery girls Heather and Virginia

Fred Harper with his Best Friend

The freaks come out at night

Artist Zelda Devon samples the hor's d'ourves

Latex Designer Renee Masoomian and Dean Troxell

Mandy strikes a pose.

Artist heights from both end of the spectrum were well represented.

Nick Martin gives some tongue to Colin Christian's sculpture

Mark Dean Veca, Jovanka, and Ron English enjoy the after party

Clark V Fox and Steve Ellis



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