Photos: Klone's "Predators" Stalk the Streets of Tel Aviv, Israel

Juxtapoz // Friday, 31 Oct 2008

Words from Tel Aviv, Israel-based street artist Klone:
“I've been working on the streets of Tel-Aviv. […] The characters developed through my work with painting are predators in the city; in those new "predators" I'm trying to mix the human look and habits with the predator world. We're all kind of predators and it’s the one who's got the sharper teeth and claws and knows how to use them- he's the one to succeed, bite first.

“We all got teeth; not all of us use them but it's still easy to get confused between the good and the bad, the greedy and innocent. There is no difference, we're all the same predators in the end of the day.”

Heavy words ring true. Take a look at more of Klone’s predators on the streets of Tel Aviv below:



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