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Photos: Josh Keyes & Jeremy Fish at Joshua Liner

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 26 Jun 2008

Josh Keyes’
Side Effects and Jeremy Fish’s Seasons of Change both opened this past weekend at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City. Both artists presented a wealth of new work that simply blew us away.

Keyes’ fantastically altered landscapes provided a delightful contrast to Fish’s consistently clean-lined grinning skulls, body parts, hat-sporting worms, and umbrella-toting hearts.

From Side Effects to Seasons of Change and back again, these two solo shows are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Photos by Dylan Evans.

Josh Keyes and Jeremy Fish. Shark attack!

Josh Keyes area in the gallery

Matt and Melissa

The Exchange

Limited Addiction Gallery's Dave Smith and Jeff Newman

Exhale II

Cara and Jesse


Josh discusses minimum height requirements with fans.

Transplant II

Exhale III

Josh and his pet Shark get political.

Dawn IV

Josh doodles his favorite animal for a fan.

Dawn II

Jeremy Fish with Trust Your Friends

Jeremy Fish Gallery attendees

Take Shelter from the Winter

Chad and Ally

Turtle Myth


BFF drinkin' art crew

Jeremy and Joshua Liner


Winter Statue

Producer Dante Ross with Kiana

Summer Statue

Hiding from the Storm

Pam smiles while Taylor grabs an eyeful

Reise Um Die Welt Wie Graf Zepplin

Kim and James

Take Shelter from the Winter Statue

Art lovers

Jeremy signs his new book for a fan

Gallery goers


Spring Statue

Fans Chris, Diego, and Adriana

The Duck Captain

Her Ship

The Hands of that Summertime Fog Statue

The Maestro, Joshua Liner




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