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Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007
Photos from the July 5th opening of Pirate Utopias at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in London. The show, which runs until July 28th, features works by legendary New York graffiti artists José Parla and Futura. José Parla was featured in our special Street Art issue back in the fall of 2005 and Futura graced the cover of our July/August issue in 2005.

Photos by Chris Osburn

"Poetic Terrorism" by José Parla

"Pirate Utopias" by José Parla

"Cityscape Observed in South Miami" by José Parla

"Temporary Autonomous Zone" by José Parla

"Schematic Diagram of Cryptography" by José Parla

José Parla interpreting his work for some fans

"Cameo Appearance" by Futura

"Orange Crush" by Futura

"Resident Evil" by Futura

"Backgammon" by Futura

Futura signing an autograph

Futura with Tate Inspire Fellow, Cedar Lewisohn

Hanging out at the show

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