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Photos: Jay Howell & Matt Furie "Return to Innocence"

Juxtapoz // Friday, 27 Jun 2008

Return to Innocence
Artwork by Jay Howell and Matt Furie (with Aiyana Udeson and Audrey Erickson)
Receiver Gallery
June 7th - July 25th
Photos and words: Isaac McKay-Randozzi

If an art show has an empty tall can pyramid are the creators trying to be hip, or just honest about their alcoholism? Or maybe they didn't want to clutter up the floor during the opening. With images of perverse carnality, Misters Howell and Furie have proved their ability to make humping an over-sized, cigarette-smoking hot dog into comedic hilarity.

Furie's detailed images of creatures great and small, both horrible and cute, fill his solo pieces and complete the collaborations he did with Howell and Aiyana Udeson. Howell's black and white illustrations have gotten deeper and more complex; Go Away has to be one of his best works yet.

Go Away, Jay Howell

Meet the Bands

The band Period Peace

Let the Savages

Too F'n Beautiful

Cute Couple with Untitled piece (in front)

Pink Wolf with Burger Bat, Jay Howell and Matt Furie

Hot Dog Guy, Howell and Furie

Wolf with Burger, Howell and Furie

Untitled collaborations/spot to put your can, Howell and Furie

Lady with Snake (detail)

Wolf Man, Bats and Lightning (detail)

Dino. Snack, on the wall

Concrete Jungle, Matt Furie

Cat Moms, Matt Furie and Aiyana Udeson

Untitled 7, Matt Furie

Untitled 2

Untitled 18

Untitled 6




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