Photos: Greg "Craola" Simkins at Gallery 1988, LA

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 16 Oct 2007
Photos from the October 12th opening of Greg "Craola" Simkins' I'M SCAR3D at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. The show runs through November 2nd.

Photos by Jeannette Harshbarger

Gary Pressman, Anthony Ausgang and Maura McCoy: always the life of the party.

"Winter's Walk With Mr. Crisp" - Acrylic on panel

"Sleep Deprived" - Acrylic on panel

"Elefant" - Acrylic on panel

Stacy Dobbee and Jeff Morgan say "Thank you, Dewars!"

Parker and Candice Shimer

"Melty's Hoarde" Acrylic on Panel

"I'm Scared" Ink

"Goat Cheese" Acrylic on Panel

"Winter's Knight" - Acrylic on panel

"The Count on a Wander" - Acrylic on panel

"Magpie" - Ink

"The Candle Baron" - Pencil

Aidge, Phloe & Alphie Numeric

"Ramona" - Acrylic on panel

"Knight Flyer" - Acrylic on panel

"Arthur" - Acrylic on panel

"The Candle Baron" - Acrylic on panel

"Kingship" - Ink

Craola and friends

Gallery 1998 is online at and Craola's website is


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