Photos from WK Interact's Mexico City Mural

Juxtapoz // Monday, 22 Nov 2010


We wrote last week about WK Interact's massive mural in Mexico City that he was preparing, and now there are photos from down South to show you. We guess you can get measurements and numbers about how big a mural will be, but not until you see it does it start to make sense.

Here was what we wrote last week as the intention of the mural:

The mural measures 200 meters wide by almost 7 meters tall, and will be inaugurated on this Saturday, November 20, and exhibited until January 20, 2011. The work is inspired by the Mexican Revolution, which this year commemorates its 100th year anniversary.

WK explains of the piece, "
“The soldiers in the mural are majestically riding their horses, an element that is very special and present in Mexico’s culture and modern history, from the Spanish conquest to the present day. The horse serves as unifying force and brings movement to the piece.” WK will be donating the mural to Mexico City.




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