Photos: Faile in NYC

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 09 Jun 2007
Brooklyn-based street-art collective Faile have staked out a dilapidated former glass warehouse at 201 Chrystie Street in New York for a four-day gallery show overflowing with mixed media masterpieces. Curious onlookers who peer through the massive front doors are greeted by a sculpture of a boy playing with a bunny. In the distance, a series of giant canvases hang, each similar in style and size, but each very different in design. Portraits of communist leader Mao Tse-Tung and geisha girls share canvas space with mythological beasts, guns, and newspaper clippings. Each painting is a visual non sequitur and a stunning look at street style as fine art. Snake your way down to the claustrophobic basement to find smaller paintings in the same vein, but the most amazing attraction is a giant pile of wooden boxes, each hand painted and silk-screened. Surprisingly, there were some pieces still available as of Friday evening, but almost all the large paintings were claimed at Wednesday's private opening. The show runs through Sunday, June 10.

Photos by George Koroneos

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