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Photos: D*Face and Mark Dean Veca at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 15 Sep 2009


Break out the popcorn and 3D glasses, Jonathan LeVine went Hollywood on Friday at the VIP opening of D*Face and Mark Dean Veca's solo exhibitions.

Both galleries with teeming with pop art merriment as patrons swirled between Vecca's takes on cartoonish icons and D*Face's poster mash-ups.

D*Face's show Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Belong To Us was all about color popping against darkness. The street art master laid down a giant multi-color swirl in the center of the main gallery punctuated with a single googly eye in the middle of the hypnotic image.

The show featured dozens of paintings designed to look like layers of advertising cut and pasted into a hodgepodge of mixed-media messages. Think of them as a slot machine of advertisements that never quite come together to hit a jackpot.

On the other side of the gallery, Veca finished his Popeye series depicting all of the spinach loving sailor's buddies in striking orange and blue swathes of paint. His collection also featured a series famous guns taken from movies like "Dirty Harry" and "The Godfather, but the highlight had to be the massive rendition of "Big Daddy" Ed Roth's famous Rat Fink meticulously rendered in black and white against a bright red backdrop.

The show will run through October 10th, 2009.

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Words and photos by George Koroneos.

Mark Dean Veca in front of his tribute to Ed Roth

Jun Lee

Mark Dean Veca with STASH

Close look at one of D*Face's statues

Kid Robot's Toy Baroness with her husband Carlos

Mark Dean Veca with Bari Franklin

Ron Dominguez

Jacaeber Kastor

Jonas Read (Big Geraniums guitarist) with Mark Dean Veca

Daniel Davidson (artist)

D*Faces "Multi Pop Tart"

Jonathan and KAWS

The ever-present Steve Lew

Harlan Levey (ModArt) and Max Rippon (artist)

Moni Pineda and Mike Vargas (Friends We Love)

Jonathan with James Dimetrio and Jamie Burbidge

Keith Schweitzer

Ashley Strout and Adam Wallacavage

D*Face superfan with D*Face ink on both arms

D*Face sketches for fans

Nic Hayes w/Mark Harris and David Wilson (not sure which guy is which)

Scott Greer and Roger Klein

Chatting amidst a sea of orange in the Veca room

D*Face and Jonathan


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