Photos: Deth P Sun/Joe Brook/111 Minna

Juxtapoz // Monday, 17 Sep 2007
Contributing Juxtapoz news writer Brad Martin made his way around San Francisco this past Saturday, September 15th, and brought back a photoblog of his stops at Deth P. Sun's show The Sand and The Stars at Giant Robot, Joe Brook at Gamma Lab, and the IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT tour stop at 111 Minna, which was also the Juxtapoz Get Exposed event.

Photos and captions by Brad Martin

When all the galleries decide to have openings on the same night there are two very important things to remember: 1) make a list 2) wear comfortable shoes. The list is to help you remember what shows you wanted to see and where they are once you get 5 or 6 beers deep into the night. The shoes are because none of them are going to be in remotely the same area so be prepared to schlep around town for a while. I spilled beer on my list pretty early and it fell apart in my hands. So much for planning. I still managed to make it to all the stops and thanks to skate shoes I fulfilled rule number 2 in style.

The set up at Giant Robot for Deth's show and interested patrons.

Snacks for art kids. The Capri Sun was a nice touch. I ended up poking the straw all the way through the pouch and ruining everything.

Oh yeah. I love Deth's work.

The Giant Robot crowd. Come for the show, stay for the trillions of dollars you're about to spend on "necessity" art books.

So many books I want. And 11 months until my birthday comes around again.

This was supposed to be the greatest cookie in the world. I was lied to. My mouth could only taste the lies.

This store was bright enough to be seen from space. Only further cementing the opinion of aliens that Earthlings are asshats.

Part of the Joe Brook set up. Ultra-nice work.

Why would you abandon a perfectly good sandwich and some boots like that? Answer: peeing in an alley. I could've done without finding out that answer. Classy, ladies.

Creepiest thing ever. Creepier than someone leaning over to smell your hair on the bus.

Fashionable early is the new fashionably late.

RETNA in action.

David Choe basking in the glow.

Fashionably late isn't late enough.

Ridin' home in my stretch limo, because the real fashionably late is fashionably bedtime for me.

The things you find in people's cars.


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