Photos: Crazy4Cult

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007
Gallery 1988 sent us some photos from their Crazy4Cult show that opened up last week in Los Angeles.

Photos courtesy of the gallery

Line outside the gallery

Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats) and Shepard Fairey

Richard Kelley (Donnie Darko) and Luke Chueh

Jason Mewes (Clerks) arrives

Richard Kelley, Jensen Karp (G1988: LA) and Scott Mosier (Clerks, Chasing Amy)

Kevin Smith and Jeff McMillan

Roland Tamayo

Stella IM Hultberg

Travis Louie

Mark Bodnar

Nic Cowan

More photos and information about the show (it's quite an extravaganza) is at the gallery's website, and of course at



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