Photos: Chris Mars and Mark Dean Veca in NYC

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 21 Oct 2007
Photos from the October 20th opening of Chris Mars' New Salem and Mark Dean Veca's Imbroglio at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City. Both shows will run through November 17th.

Photos by George Koroneos

Everyone had the same question in mind at last night's gallery opening at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City: Will Chris Mars show up?

The sad truth was that the reclusive artist and drummer for the legendary Replacements was not going to be there. In truth, his work doesn't need to have a face attached. The haunting images of hollowed-out faces, corpse-like creatures, and bleak landscapes speak of desolation and lost hope. Supposedly, the artist draws from the imaginary monsters his schizophrenic brother saw during childhood. It's hard to argue that these creatures could come from anywhere but the psyche of a tortured soul.

In contrast, Mark Dean Veca's section of the gallery, titled "Imbroglio," was a colorful wonderland of oranges, blues, and greens. The Brooklyn-based artist turned LeVine's smallest gallery room into a giant abstract mural that resembled massive amoebas crawling around the wall. Look closely, and you realize that the blue/green blobs are actual paintings depicting pop culture characters and scenes of Americana. According to the artist, a few potential buyers went as far as to ask him if he would come to their homes and paint the giant orange mural on their walls. Veca smiled and said he is up for anything.

Local hipsters

Eric White

Jonathan LeVine and Mark Dean Veca

Lil' Veca

Jonathan LeVine, Aprella, artist David Stoupakis

Four bald dudes: Drew Ford, Jonathan LeVine, Michael Mararian, and Daniel Davidson

Chris Mars fans

Packed show floor

Erik Foss

The Orange room

Carlo McCormick and Malena Seldin

...and baby makes two

Close look at "Descendants of Hanford" by Chris Mars

Close look at "From the Well" by Chris Mars

Charlie and artist Ryan Brown

Close look at "To Serve Her" by Chris Mars

Close look at "The Frivolous Adjustment" by Chris Mars

Close look at "Meat Curtains" by Mark Dean Veca

Close look at "The Thin Veil Players" by Chris Mars


Mark Dean Veca

More information about this show is online at the gallery's website,


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