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Juxtapoz // Monday, 07 Jul 2008

Carlos Ramos: Natural History Museum Part I
June 28th- July 15th, 2008
Corey Helford Gallery

Carlos Ramos’ solo show, Natural History Museum Part I, opened last weekend at Culver City’s Corey Helford Gallery.

For his first solo show in LA, Ramos replicates the natural history museum experience for his audience, fusing the natural world with the art world.

A series of twenty-four large-scale paintings based on classic grand dioramas and a special installation of skeletal structures transforms the gallery into an epicenter of flora and fauna.


Ateles Geoffroyi

Cervus Elaphus

Skeletal sculpture collaboration with Chiodo Bros

Bruce Helford, Coop, Ruth Waytz, and Jan Corey Helford

Gorilla Gorilla

Enteroctopus Dofleini

Masiela Lusha and Nick LoPiccolo

Bubo Virginianus

Carlos Ramos and Natalia Fabia


Aptenodytes Forsteri

Josh Petker, Sylvia Ji, and Erik Alos

Hylobates Moloch

Geococcyx Californianus

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