Photos: Camille Rose Garcia at Merry Karnowsky

Juxtapoz // Friday, 02 Nov 2007
Photos from the October 20th opening of Camille Rose Garcia's Escape To Darlingtonia at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles. The show runs until November 17th.

Photos by Jeannette Harshbarger

"Mean Girls" Camille Rose Garcia and Merry Karnowski

"Beautiful Golden Hair"

"Escape to Darlingtonia"

"You Will Be OK"

Past your bedtime, kid.

Carlos Morrell & Linda Bracero

"Tonics for Incurable Maladies - Purple Hair"

"Arctic Cavern Hideaway"

"Subterranean Death Clash"

"The Meagle"

"Stump Face"

"Crossing The Rubicon"

Tim Biskup and Brian Bell

Ron and Natalie Berry

"Tonics For Incurable Maladies - Happy Bottles"

"The Pain Collector Processing Plant"

"Emergency Transport"

"Royal Disorder Poison Party"

"Twilight Forest Explosion"

"Fragile Webs"

The Notorious Bambi of Finland and Jennybird Alcantara

Rolando & Tania Guitierrez

Anthony Ausgang and Anne Militello

"Tonics For Incurable Maladies - Ducky" (detail)

Dave Sprecher, Sabrina Roberts and Barbara Talia

"Pharmaceuticools #1"

The lovely and talented Camille Rose Garcia

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