Photos: Bestial in Barcelona

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007
Photos from the grand opening of the group show Bestial at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona where Miss Van congregated some of her old colleagues and good friends: Junko Mizuno, Jeremy Fish, Aiko, Herbert Baglione, Mademoiselle Kat, Landry, Popi Jabiansky, Fawn Gehweiler, Kid Acne, Nano4814, Angelique Houtkamp, Sunny Buick, Kev Grey, Mike Giant and Ciou. The opening night was July 4th. The show runs through August 4th and features some of the newest work of these outstanding characters in the artistic scene.

Photos courtesy of the gallery

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The opening night attracted hundreds of people who continued the party on the street.

Mademoiselle Kat in front of her work

Angelique Houtkamp

Junko Mizuno (left) + Aiko (right)

Mike Giant and Angelique outside the gallery

Miss Van and Angelique

Mike Giant and his work

Miss Van and her work



Landry in front of his installation

Diva bringing flowers for Miss Van

Catalina Estrada

Kid Acne wasn't prepared for this picture

Mademoiselle Kat, Angelique and Kid Acne

Neasden Control Centre with Anna

Victor Castillo (right) and friend

Fawn Gehweiler's work

Jeremy Fish's work

Kev Grey's work

Junko Mizuno's work

Sunny Buick's work

Popi Jabiansky's work

Miss Van's drawings and



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