Photos: Albus Cavus at the B-Boy BBQ

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007
Peter Krsko sent us a few photos from the B-Boy BBQ that happened last weekend in San Diego. Peter is one of the founding members of Albus Cavus, the art collective from New Brunswick, NJ that has championed the integration of graffiti and street art into community projects that encourage public art and participation rather than criminalizing genuine artistic expression. They're on the road, spreading the concept and having some fun.

Photos courtesy of Albus Cavus

"Leon Rainbow and I just returned back from the trip to San Diego. We participated in B-Boy BBQ, which is an all-day event in the tradition of Block Parties where Hip-Hop originated. A free event where alcohol is not sold, drugs aren't welcomed and drama isn't tolerated, the barbecue successfully operates by promoting community empowerment and unity and celebrating all facets of hip-hop culture: Live DJs, MCs, B-boying/B-girling, and Graffiti. The BBQ last Saturday was the second annual one on the West Coast. The first original BBoy BBQ was in Philly in 1997. Here are few pics of the remarkable artwork there. Credit must be given to Pose 2, his beautiful wife Ela, and everyone who organized this event. Leon and I were just humble helpers and participating artists...." --Peter Krsko

Piece by Pose 2

Pose 2

Chor Boogie

Vyal One

Vyal One


Timoi and Crol chatting

Vyal One and Leon Rainbow in front of a wall by bor*d and Rainbow

Crol and the collab piece with Timoi

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