“This Is and This Isn't My Family” by Kalen Na'il Roach

Photography // Thursday, July 23, 2015
This Is and This Isn't My Family is a series by American photographer Kalen Na'il Roach Working with Polaroid images taken by his father at family gatherings, Roach explores the concept of how people, especially those we know, are perceived through photographs. Adding paint, glitter, and other embellishments, Roach transforms the attitude of family portraits, perhaps adding in his own impressions and observations.

video: Day19 - Jeremy and Claire Weiss

Photography // Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Like Knows Like is an ongoing documentary project that focuses on creative’s, their lives and struggles. A few years back they did an episode on Los Angeles-based photographers, Jeremy and Claire Weiss of DAY19 and got their full story of how they got to where they are now. A really good watch for up and coming photographers in need of inspiration.

Captivating image of rose embers

Photography // Wednesday, July 22, 2015
The fleeting embers of a bouquet of roses was brilliantly constructed and photographed by the creative team at Ars Thanea in Warsaw, Poland. The Ash as they have titled it, is arresting, poetic and kinda makes you think, “Why didn't someone do this sooner for a number of purposes?”

"Devil's Promenade" by Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal

Photography // Wednesday, July 22, 2015
The Devil’s Promenade is a collaborative project between Antone Dolezal and Laura Shipley who both hail from the Oazarks located in the Midwest. Using folklore to inform their work combined with oral history, fictional stories, found ephemera and video, these two created a three part book series entitled Spook Light Chronicles. 

Tomasz Gudzowaty's Portraits of Luchadores, Pole Dancers, and Mexican Skateboarders

Photography // Wednesday, July 22, 2015
We've posted before on the gripping portrait photography of Tomasz Gudzowaty. His subjects range from synchronized swimmers to the southern elephant seal. Here we've included portraits from three of Gudzowaty's series: photographs of Lucha Libre luchadores—Latin American professional wrestlers—potraits of pole dancers, and portraits of skateboarders in several cities in Mexico. 

"Bronx Eyes" @ ICP, New York

Photography // Monday, July 20, 2015
Launched in 1997, ICP at THE POINT is a year-round photography-based collaboration that includes a classroom/studio, black-and-white darkroom, and gallery. Through weekly classes for pre-teens and teens, the program teaches photography, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking with the goal of fostering self-esteem, community development, and social change. 

"Two Rivers" by Carolyn Drake

Photography // Monday, July 20, 2015
Over the course of four years, photographer Carolyn Drake documented the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers from their endpoints to the source, creating a captivating and emotional body of work called Two Rivers. This region of focus for the photographer stretches from the western edge of China across Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, spanning a distance of 2,500km. 

"My Dakota: Photographs by Rebecca Norris Webb" @ The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

Photography // Sunday, July 19, 2015
“They say your first death is like your first love—and you’re never quite the same afterwards,” says Rebecca Norris Webb. The artist, who has long lived in New York City, embarked in 2005 to photograph her home state of South Dakota. After one of her brothers unexpectedly died the following year, her images began to change. Tones became more muted and delicate, the palette more autumnal.

Signe Pierce’s neo reality

Photography // Saturday, July 18, 2015
Pink rules everything around Signe Pierce, as well as Neon and anything surrounding around that Miami Vice vibe. The multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles has in her young age created a unique visual language using photography and video as her medium. Her “social experiment” video American Reflexx created with her partner Alli Coates, is by far her most challenging piece of work and for us difficult to watch. 

"Deeds. not words3" @ slow Culture, Los Angeles

Photography // Friday, July 17, 2015
Tonight in Los Angeles, Slow Culture gallery will be hosting Deeds, Not Words 3, a group photography exhibition with a diverse group of individuals. Explained on their website, “There are two kinds of people in this world, the do'ers and the gonna do'ers. Deeds, Not Words is photography exhibition with a very simple format, it's about doing shit, not talking it."


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