Horst: Shadow and Light

Photography // Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Until November 1, a collection of photographs by renowned photographer Horst P. Horst will be on display at the Staley-Wise Gallery in NYC. The collection is comprised of over 50 of Horst’s most memorable images including still lifes, portraits, and fashion photography. 

"There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here" by Paccarik Orue

Photography // Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Peruvian photographer Paccarik Orue's There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here depicts the city of Richmond, California. To many, the city is considered an eye-sore, but to Orue, the beauty is there, in subtle moments and in the people themselves. The series shows the these contrasting opinions side by side, a city beautiful despite itself.

Hot Shot

Photography // Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Instagrammer Gregg Boydston is part of an elite team of extreme firefighters. Boydston uses Instagram to share rare glimpses into his everyday life battling fires across the United States. He is from SoCal, but currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, California exploring new places and documenting with his iPhone, Nikon D800, or a toy we all love, the GoPro. 

Broken Land

Photography // Monday, October 06, 2014
In his series “Broken Land”, photographer Eliot Dudik creates landscape diptychs that are both rich and captivating. Each diptych Dudik creates depicts an actual battle site from the American Civil War an a beautiful panorama. 

Too Hard to Keep

Photography // Monday, October 06, 2014
Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus initiated a growing archive of photos deemed “too hard to keep.” T.H.T.K. (Too Hard to Keep) is a place for photographs, photo-objects, and even digital files to exist when they are too difficult to hold on to, yet too meaningful to destroy. The pictures may appear routine to outsiders, but they vibrate with emotion in the hands of their owners. 

"New York" by Neil Winokur

Photography // Sunday, October 05, 2014
American photographer Neil Winokur’s work proposes that it is possible to depict a culture through its most ordinary objects. As a native New Yorker, he applied these thoughts to his hometown for his series New York in 1999. He brought in the viewer with a variation of color that gave each object a great deal of importance. 

Hit it out of the park

Photography // Saturday, October 04, 2014
For about seven years now, Don Hamerman has been collecting lost and abandoned baseballs that he finds on playing fields. Hamerman has recently begun photographing them after years of decay. To the artist they speak of youth, childhood, and memories. 

Kirk Crippens' "Portraitlandia"

Photography // Friday, October 03, 2014
Over the span of a month during an artist residency in Oregon, San Francisco-based photographer, Kirk Crippens hit the streets of Portland in search of authenticity to challenge expectations of the city's population drawn from the popular television show Portlandia. What resulted was a series of bizarrely beautiful portraits of the city's population. 

Judging America

Photography // Friday, October 03, 2014
In his photographic series “Judging America”, Joel Parés explores the common stereotypes put upon the many races and sexes that form the makeup of America. In the series, Parés finds subjects who fit into the chosen prejudiced categories and applies the most severe of those prejudices to portraits that he then takes of each subject.

Invasive Species

Photography // Friday, October 03, 2014
In his photographic series “Invasive Species”, artist Dillon Marsh explores the phenomena of disguised cell phone towers in South Africa. The cell phone towers he photographs are the imitation tree towers that are erected and designed to meld into the surrounding landscape. 


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