Paul Insect's "Poison" with Lazarides Gallery

Juxtapoz // Monday, 15 Sep 2008

Paul Insect (Juxtapoz cover #76) has blown us away. Poison, his nine-day site-specific exhibition of new work now up with Lazarides Gallery in London (in an out of gallery location in a former bath house in King’s Cross) is truly a sight to behold.
At odds with the location and in contrast with the contrived health and voluptuousness of the classic Playboy bunny, twelve skeletal bunny girls are the stars of the show, paired with a wealth of new paintings, doctored icons, and prints which all ask questions about the current state of affairs we have made for ourselves.

Shocking depictions of sex, violence, and unholy saints jolt viewers into rethinking previously held assumptions about women, men, religion, beauty, politics, and society: just as good art should.

Insect’s Poison will only remain on view through September 21st, 2008. Check out some photos of Poison as seen through the lens of Chris Osburn:



Eternal Kiss

Lasting Kiss

Star Eyes

Killer Clown

Untitled 5


Dreaming of Colours

Baby Heads



Playmate detail

Skeleton Table Sculpture

Skeleton Table Sculpture


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