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"Partner In Crime" Series + Zine by Austin McManus

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 30 May 2013

We have a great team of contributors at Juxtapoz, most who work in the world of art and photography with their own projects in the works at all times. Our photography director and contributing editor Austin McManus just launched his new website, as well as released his "Partner In Crime" series. To coincide with the release of the series, McManus released a zine of the photos, offset printed on 100# silk coated paper, hand-numbered and signed in an edition of 250. Pick up a copy at

The project began as an exploration in vandalism, perhaps constructed under the guise of the naive, instantaneous pleasure of getting up or even seeing your name in a public space for all to see. By playing with the stereotype of men as graffiti artists, and using women as the taggers, there is a sense that the genuine spirit of the ancient ritual of putting your name on a wall is in full effect here. 

McManus wrote about the project:  “The project “Partner in Crime” challenges gender-based stereotypes commonly associated with vandalism, while offering an alternative perspective on the physical act of writing graffiti. By recruiting first-time female participants, I hoped to capture a playful side and a certain innocence, something I don’t think could have been achieved if the subjects were not inexperienced.”



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