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Paper Sculptures by Vally Nomidou

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011

Using just paper and cardboard, Greek artist Vally Nomidou creates these life-sized sculptures of people. The results are a somewhat creepy three-dimensional figures that look almost too lifelike to be sitting in a gallery.

Here is the note about the work, "Paper, Nomidou’s dominant material, now becomes a key component in her creative process, inextricably linked to painful and systematic research on the technical level, as well as on that of aesthetic integration. The artist respects her material and, although it is cheap and vulnerable, she does not “adulterate” it by using other materials. Moreover, she does not use it as a shell, an encasing to cover a necessary inner structure by providing a fake, idealised skin. Nomidou builds and shapes her works from the inside out solely using paper and paperboard. The internal cardboard frame is built with a vertical and horizontal grid in order to be able to support and render stillness in her sculptures, while also ensuring balance in contraction and expansion."


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