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Paintings by Kim Westfall

Juxtapoz // Monday, 17 Sep 2012

Paintings can be great when they consist of impeccable renderings that transcend the medium, but at other times, the best paintings are those that emphasize the materiality of the medium and the immediacy of each mark made on the canvas. Kim Westfall's paintings fall under the latter category. Her colorful works are rife with energetic lines, loose brush strokes, and varying degrees of transparent and opaque color fields, building up a combination of quickly executed passes of paint that carefully align into a beautifully vibrant compositions. In line with the Japanese phrase "heta uma" which combines good sense and "bad" technique, Westfall's paintings are not about masterful, representational brush work but about creating a masterful image out of loose and energetic strokes and colors, achieving something sublime out of the raw use of paint itself.



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