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Os Gemeos Express Election Frustration in New Street Art

Juxtapoz // Friday, 15 Oct 2010

It’s election time and it’s no secret that many governments face corruption, leaving citizens the world over frustrated. Some attend rallies, others turn a blind eye. Os Gemeos (Juxtapoz #114) express their views in street art.


We won’t get get into American politics because that would take hours, but Brazilian politics have been also heating up…and may be further convoluted by American sway.


The Brazilian general election of 2010 was held last week, October 3, 2010 with most positions being contested. On October 31, a run-off will be held as none of the candidates achieved more than half of the votes, which includes the presidential contest. There are rumors swelling about now that there was possible U.S. interference.


Os Gemeos leave their commentary on their native Sao Paulo streets with phrases like ‘Order and progress’ being sprayed by their signature yellow characters.





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