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Os Gemeos at Work in Wynwood

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 03 Dec 2009

There is so much to see here in Miami during Art Basel, it’s almost overwhelming. It seems everywhere you turn, a monumental piece of work is waiting to be viewed. The humidity has not stopped throngs of art-lovers the world over from wandering the shows as well as the streets of Wynwood.

Last night, RJ of Vandalog told us about one of his favorite murals, the Os Gemeos project with Deitch. From a look at these photos, he’s right: this piece is right up there in scale with their last mural project in new York City.

According to Deitch, “Os Gemeos introduced a new approach to street art in Brazil in the 1990s and has influenced artists around the world. Os Gemeos will be bring several artist friends from Brazil including Nina and Finok who will collaborate on their mural, which will cover the building at the corner of NW 2nd Avenue and NW 26th Street.”

Simply beautiful.



Images by Elisa Carmichael.




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