Opening Night with James Jean & Kenichi Hoshine at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 20 Jan 2009

James Jean’s “Kindling”

Kenichi Hoshine's “The Night Before”

Dual Solo Exhibitions
Jonathan LeVine Gallery

January 10th—February 7th, 2009

Jonathan LeVine Gallery was the spot to be for in New York for the openings of Kindling, the latest solo exhibition of new works by James Jean (shown above, left) and The Night Before, the solo exhibition featuring new works by Kenichi Hoshine (above right.)

As you can tell from the photo below (yep, that's Keith Carradine and Susan Sarandon with Jean below) the opening evening attracted names large and small, all eager to get a first-hand glimpse of Jean and Hoshine's newest works.

Surprisingly, this was the very first solo show opportunity for both these incredibly talented artists, and they showed the world what they've been slaving away at for months and years in truly breathtakingly beautiful collections of work.

Jean's subtle yet suggestive themes of metamorphosis, mortality, and sexuality blend together seamlessly, bridging the gap between the real and imagined, creating a world we only wish we could actually inhabit.

Hoshine’s intimate glimpses of fragmented figures result in enigmatic images that are penetrating yet subjective in content, and his subtle aesthetic leaves much open for interpretation.

Enough about what we think though; take a look at more opening night photos (including quite a few of another one of our favorite artists, David Choe) from the Gallery below:


Keith Carradine, Susan Sarandon, and James Jean

James Jean: Close up of Abstracts in Installation


James Jean, Jonathan LeVine, and Kenichi Hoshine


Kenichi Hoshine: Untitled 8




Jonathan LeVine, David Choe, and Carlo McCormick


James Jean: Swan, Willow Horse, and Hide


Eric White and David Choe


Exhibiting artist Kenichi Hoshine with girlfriend Jiyeon Dew


Kenichi Hoshine: The Night Before


A full house on opening night


James signs his book for a fan


James Jean: Vanity, Ballad, and Fountain


Kenichi Hoshine: Untitled 9



Esao Andrews and David Choe


James Jean: Shattered


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