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Opening Night Photos: Mars-1's Infinite Tapestry

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010

Mars-1 presented new works on canvas, paper and wood including a large-scale work measuring 4 x 9 ft. In addition, 2 recent bronze sculptures are also be displayed, marking a new level of work for the acclaimed artist.


In Infinite Tapestry, Mars continues in the vein of his form-based abstraction works for which he is most widely known. Utilizing a wide and provocative color palette while drawing on artistic influences as diverse as surrealism, urban art and abstract expressionism, the works presented offer viewers a direct portal through which to experience the vast extraterrestrial vistas, densely colored amorphous landscapes and gently bubbling geometries of the imaginative space channeled by Mars-1.


The new body of work in this exhibition further pushes the boundaries of the ever expanding and constantly in flux style Mars-1 has become known for. The dedication and tradition within his work to a consistent transmutation from one distinct aesthetic expression to another is once again evident in the Infinite Tapestry series, a more minimalist approach to the Mars-1 method.










Infinite Tapestry will be on view from April 2 to April 25, 2010 at Meta Gallery in Toronto.

Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 12-6 and Sunday from 12-5.


Meta Gallery

124 Ossington Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M6J 2Z5







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