Opening Night: Luke Chueh's "From Light Cometh Darkness" at Corey Helford

Juxtapoz // Monday, 06 Apr 2009

Check out the master of "balancing cute with brute.” Better known as Luke Chueh, (Juxtapoz #91), the artist stands above with one of his freshest pieces as part of his solo, From Light Cometh Darkness at Corey Helford Gallery.

He doesn’t look so bad, but his latest works are a delicious combination of cuddly animals doing sot so cuddly things.

Capturing Chueh’s dark humor, the artist’s first solo show at the Gallery features paintings and drawings that are as sweet as they are vicious. Adorable bears, monkeys and rabbits find themselves in disturbing and ironic narratives that playfully weave light and dark elements.

For From Light Cometh Darkness, Chueh has obviously pushed himself technically, stylistically and narratively to produce some of his most explorative paintings to date. See what we mean in the opening reception photos below:



Crotch Shot


Natalia Fabia, Luke Chueh, Gary Baseman & Jan Corey Helford




Doll Face


Jason Arden McClure & Anne Faith Nicholls


Crowd Shot


Guitar Gero


Mari Inkai & Luke Chueh


Sylvia Ji




Rain Rain Go Away




From Light Cometh Darkness will run through April 10th, 2009. Details at

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