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One Dollar Bills Y'all: Laser Etching by Scott Campbell

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Money makes the world go 'round...and makes for some striking art. Scott Campbell has made a name for himself with this insane laser cut pieces, all made out of US uncut currency sheets.


Campbell was born in rural Louisiana and began his career illustrating before mastering the art of tattoo. In 2004, he opened Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn where he perfected his signature style.


When not busy inking skin, Campbell recontextualizes money through his cut stacks of one-dollar bills; he transforms actual currency into elaborate bas-reliefs. By cutting each dollar individually, then arranging them into 100-dollar stacks, he creates highly detailed pieces depicting ornamental text and resembling ornate filigree work. In essence, he destroys to create.


In his newest works, the artist’s stacks are no longer limited to 100 bills, he has been using three stacks piled 500 high, a volume enabling him to produce three-dimensional sculptures. With his most recent pieces, Campbell switches to using layered sheets of uncut currency, pulled from the mint before cut into individual bills.


Along with the currency series, Campbell has been experimenting with hologram paintings using a unique process that resemble chipped carnival mirrors or nicotine stained rainbows, as well as etchings printed from copper plates ‘tattooed’ in the same manner as actual skin.


Take a peek at some past works and then head over to for more information.











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