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On Corpse Dolls and Other Rotten Things

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011
No, it's not the plot of an upcoming Tim Burton claymation project. No, it's not the lyrics of a Rob Zombie song, nor is it an old X-Files episode; it's the life of Russian Historian, Journalist, Magician, Traveler, Cemetery Aficionado, and Dead Person Doll Collector Anatoly Moskvin. The Daily Beast has more on this macabre mashup of scholarship and necrophilia.


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Just when you thought it was safe to get into college basketball (just kidding, college basketball is terrible), disturbing allegations surface regarding longtime Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine. In the wake of the Penn State scandal, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim wasted no time in... praising Fine and giving him a renewed vote of confidence?! Boeheim soon changed his position on Fine after the assistant's firing but stood behind his initial remarks, stating, "I'm proud that I did. If you know somebody and work with somebody for 36 years … you owe a debt of allegiance and gratitude for what he did for the program. That's what my reaction was. So be it." Remarkable how a top tier college coach known for his adaptability managed to learn nothing from the still unfolding Penn State debacle. Stop lauding your fucking sports program for a second maybe and focus on the alleged victims of this sexual assault. You sound like a callous asshole at best and, more likely, a complicit one.


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In the most horrifying item of all, it is revealed that the US Government wants the right to indefinitely detain you at any time for any dubious reason vaguely associated with "national security." Guess they really want to keep Occupy Wall Street activists out of those parks. Naturally, the Republicans, the party of small government and individual freedom... broadly support this measure! Well, not all of them, not delightfully curly-haired Rand Paul, son of Ron, grandson of Ra, the one true representative of the free people of Kentucky, who has been vlogging his ass off in opposition to this draconian law. Even the usually civil liberty-averse Obama administration came out against this provision, going so far as to consider a veto of the bill. You can write your local congressman yadda yadda yadda sign a petition blah blah blah OR just start stockpiling weapons and foodstuffs and get ready for the coming Armageddon. If not, see you in Gitmo!


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