Okay Mountain "First Take" at University of Houston

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 02 Feb 2011

In today’s News Outta Texas and Not Because of South-By comes the Promethean 10-person Okay Mountain collective, who’ve installed at the University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum and therefore successfully integrated clever examination of consumerist thought into higher education.




Okay’s Moutain’s First Take, on view through April 2, “explores the methods and rituals held in common by otherwise isolated groups—from followers of self-help messiahs to fundamentalist cults to Fortune 500 companies—who employ a combination of initiation, insider/outsider mentality, esoteric language, and a hierarchy of progressive advancement to inspire a streamlined, new identity that supersedes the complexities of everyday existence.”


Sterling Allen, Tim Brown, Peat Duggins, Justin Goldwater, Nathan Green, Ryan Hennessee, Josh Rios, Carlos Rosales-Silva, Michael Sieben, and Corkey Sinks make up this artistic crew of rad. —Erin Dyer


For more information, visit class.uh.edu/blaffer/exhibit_okay_mountain.html





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