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Oh really? Color is Like Sex

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 07 Mar 2010

Drucker explains this bold statement in a recent Huffington Post piece. His premise is that the “science of color” desperately tries to pinpoint and summarize something completely unpredictable’ something that is so personal and subjective for every person.


“Color is like sex. It's mysterious. It's unknowable. It never looks the same twice. No two people see the same thing. No two people feel the same thing. I once went to China on a cruise ship. Eight hundred of us got off the ship wearing white, because it feels festive and shippy and says ‘I'm on a cruise.’ In China white is the color of mourning. We looked insane.”


Read Drucker's complete piece, where he leaves us with the query: “Why are we so determined to make color into a science? Why can't we just leave it alone and enjoy it?”




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