Ocean Quigley: New Art Blog Chronicles Creative Development for EA Games & Personal Artwork

Juxtapoz // Friday, 10 Apr 2009


Artist, video game developer, and all around creative guy with an awesome name, Ocean Quigley (Juxtapoz #98) just put up an art blog, “with a bunch of stuff from Spore and earlier games, in addition to some other art projects.” If you didn’t catch his Insider piece in our March 2009 issue, get to know the creative mind behind many of EA Games’ most popular videogames.


Ocean writes:

"Spore, early rig block experiments


In Spore you can create buildings.

I wanted to make the parts that you create with feel like magic lego blocks. They would have handles that transformed them in all sorts of ways. I wanted them to be fun to manipulate.

I started out calling them "morph blocks", but eventually renamed them "rig blocks". Morph block is a better name, I should have stuck with it.

These are a few of my first experiments, seeing if I could create such a thing, and then what a structure assembled out of them might be like:





More on Ocean Quigley at oceanquigley.blogspot.com


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