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Occupy Oakland: Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas Grenades & Paintball Ripostes

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011



Around 5:40PM on October 25, 2011, Oakland PD riot cops ran out en masse to cut off protesters as they turned onto Washington St at 8th St, isolating a small group of protesters and initiating violent contact with their clubs. Concerned protesters raced to the scene to try to put a stop to the beatings, but the cops formed a protective ring around the officer[s] assaulting the restrained protesters. At this point, certain protesters began pelting the police officers with paintballs, including Sgt. David Carman, who later lied to the media about his experience on KTVU Fox 2 News.


Shortly after this confrontation, Oakland PD and their out of town reinforcements began pelting the crowd with projectiles which sounded to my inexperienced ears like rubber bullets as they ricocheted off walls, but that Oakland PD contend were beanbags. As of this post, the protests and police action are still ongoing, and there have been a half dozen large tear gas onslaughts. The mass of Police still remain blocking off City Hall and blockading Frank Ogawa plaza, the original site of the Occupy Oakland protests.


Though the major media contends that protesters are inciting police, every instance of violence I witnessed was initiated by police officers setting arbitrary barricades, striking out at isolated protesters, and using various crowd control weapons at will. I will post pictures and a summary of the gathering at the Oakland Public Library and subsequent march tomorrow.


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