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November 2009: The Robert Williams Issue

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009

Ed Hardy, Mat Gleason, CR Stecyk III, and Tony Shafrazi all step in to provide the insight, and Jeremy Fish, David Choe, Richard Colman, Dan Witz, Alex Pardee, Handselecta, Skinner, Todd Bratrud, Porous Walker, Mudwig, and Nate Van Dyke give the inspiration, and Alex Prager gives the two classic portraits.

Showcasing Robert's latest work, five years in the making, and his classic work, we give to you the Robert Williams Issue.

The above image is the newsstand cover; below we feature our exclusive subscriber cover. Pick it up for a sneak peek at Robert’s latest work which will be unveiled at his solo show in New York City this Halloween, October 31st, 2009.





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