Newest Work from Know Hope

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009

Israel's Know Hope hit us up with updates on his latest projects. “I’ve been working on a few things since we last spoke,” he writes. “Some of these pieces are for a group show opening March 13th at Show and Tell gallery alongside some great artists, and the other majority of the pieces are for a local art fair (March 18-22) that I’m taking part in here in Tel Aviv called Fresh Paint. I’m also leaving Monday night to start working on an installation-only show at Rialto Santambrogio in Rome opening on the 21st.”

From a look at his latest works, it appears as if Know Hope has been experimenting more with found media objects, adding a depth and fresh wave of bright color to his traditionally more muted palate we find exhilarating.

Know Hope is a favorite amongst his fellow Israelis and despite times being rough in his home country, the artist remains optimistic. “Times have been a bit scattered over here, but I’m really looking forward to all these upcoming projects.” See more of the great new exclusive work he sent to us here…

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