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New Show: Infinite Roots from Saelee Oh

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 07 Jan 2010

Infinite Roots, a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Los Angeles based artist Saelee Oh, will hit NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery next Saturday, January 16th. Infinite Roots features imagery created in a variety of mediums including paintings, drawings and hand-cut paper, all of which will be incorporated into a site-specific installation.

The theme of the work in this exhibition relates to the artist’s belief that everything in the universe is connected, and that no one is ever truly alone. Heavily influenced by nature, Saelee’s imagery portrays flora and fauna of land, sea, and sky. Her subject matter depicts a harmonious world, flowering and full of life. The narratives are told primarily through female figures as well as various animal species.

The artist has said:
“The roots of a plant are what secure it to an interconnected underground where all life is nourished, as the buds and leaves bloom above. The show title, Infinite Roots, alludes to the deep reaches of our intrinsic inner desires. The tone of the work in this series is bittersweet with hints of nostalgia. The pieces appear delicate and frail but the stories they tell are about timeless strength.”

Many of Saelee’s pieces are delicately painted or drawn, while others are created in an intricate process where she constructs ornate compositions of interconnected flat shapes, imaginatively fabricated and cut by hand out of paper. In a textural play between positive and negative space, the paper overlay often forms subtle shadows beneath the silhouetted imagery, introducing added depth and dimensional layers to the organic line quality of the work.


Saelee Oh is an American artist of Korean descent who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Her works primarily consist of drawings, paintings and cut paper, although on occasion she has also created sculptural installations and stop-motion animation.

Through her delicate imagery, Saelee explores themes including: utopia, female empowerment, identity, connection, alienation, nature, and animal symbolism. In 2003, she graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a BFA in Illustration.

She has given presentations at Saint Lawrence University and Harvard University, and her work has been exhibited in galleries and Museums across the United States, as well as in the UK and Japan.

Saelee Oh
Infinite Roots
Solo Exhibition

January 16th—February 13th, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16th, 7pm—9pm
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