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New Online Feature: Pic of the Day

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009

Pic of the Day is meant to showcase one awesome photo from a photographer, whether you've had multiple solo shows, or just snap photos of your friends on the weekends for fun.

Everyday, we will choose one photograph to feature in our Pic of the Day section. We will accept photo submissions in a similar manner as we run Reader Art: through our online Forum.

To add your artwork to our forum, you need to be a Juxtapoz user. You can register at

Once you have a username and password, you may login and start adding your photos to the “Pic of the Day” board under the “Art” category.

This will now be the only manner in which we select photos to be posted in the Pic of the Day section online, and will also provide a space for you to get immediate feedback from other Juxtapoz readers.

Pic of the Day image specs:
Images must be (at least) 600 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall, at 72 dpi. Please optimize your images for the web. Please include the title of each piece, and your name.

We're expecting to launch this new feature tomorrow, so head over to the forum and start filling her up! You could have your work chosen as the Juxtapoz Pic of the Day.




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