New Mural in La Jolla, San Diego by John Baldessari

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 16 Oct 2011

We just recently mentioned John Baldessari's show over at Sprueth Magers in Berlin (which looks great by the way). In addition to this recent show, Baldessari put up a new mural in La Jolla, California. The conceptual artist  is known for his collage work with found photographs and odd appropriations that investigate and question how we perceive the world around us in a variety of ways.

The mural has an odd assemblage of imagery with three simple forms: a cloud shaped like a brain, a palm tree, and a seascape. The La Jolla Light quoted Baldessari saying, “A brain can look like a cloud if you manipulate it in the right way. We see things in clouds. It looks like it’s hovering almost from outer space. I like banal images and I can’t think of anything more banal than a palm tree and an ocean.”



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