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New Kill Pixie Zine and Work

Juxtapoz // Monday, 26 Oct 2009

Kill Pixie (aka Mark Whalen) began as a graffiti artist on the streets of his native Sydney, Australia. Once he transitioned to fine art, his medium of choice became ink and acrylic on paper mounted to wood, coated in shiny resin. His latest works are now on display in Berlin, accompanied by a new zine release. 

In his latest body of work, Kill Pixie’s masked humanoid characters inhabit celestial pools and spas in a futuristic bathhouse where gravity loses all meaning.  

The humorous candy-colored geometric paintings depict scenes of excessive human consumption and obsession with objects, as the characters worship the almighty dollar.  Inspired by folk art, mechanical sciences, structures, and urban culture, Kill Pixie says, “My work is an exploration of the objects and the elements that repeat to infinity, and I am using these elements to illustrate what I am trying to communicate.”

In Kill Pixie’s meticulously crafted work, the viewer senses the indomitable spirits of creativity, resistance, and the power of adaptation. His work questions the games people are forced to play, as it fractures and realigns old divides between street and studio, and reinterprets the universal human struggle between our antagonistic instincts for freedom and control in the contemporary era. For Kill Pixie’s rapidly expanding audience around the world, the work points toward dynamic new understandings that will be necessary for survival in the future of our world.



The Zine, Project Rooms:








Kill Pixie: Supreme Beings
Merry Karnowsky Gallery Berlin
October 24 – December 19, 2009

The Kill Pixie zine is available from Izrock.




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